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Alright, finally.. everything's set, just a few more things and the game engine will be done..
So we've been working on the game lately, its slowly become popular over Fluidanims.. People keep looking at it and saying "Wow, this shiz it epic.." Hah... To be honest, its working out wonderfully..

About Power Of Three.. Me, Lukas, and Nal are worked on a really cool game soon to be released, not gonna tell you that until a few more posts though, for now, its a secret...

Still no pictures yet, but the next post will..

Our game in progress..

2009-05-25 19:28:11 by Gamerblade

Alright so were making a game (Me and hyun..)
You know hyun right? He made FL vs terkoiz... its been popular for a while..
Tons of people favorited it.... ring a bell?

Well, me and him are making the game, and were already 30% done with it..
Were so close to finishing the game engine and weve got down our storyline..
Ive found our programmer, lukas... an RHG animator aswell, but hes a great programmer...
This game will be bigger than NG rumble, and maybe fancypants...
There's no glitches as of now and were going to show you guys it soon...

Thanks, bye ! :D

A spot on FluidAnims?!

2009-04-24 23:47:13 by Gamerblade

Ive been APPROVED on fluidanims as a "Good Animator"...
Of course ive gotten better... but what do i have to show for it?...
Erm.... a few stuff ive collected over the months will be..."tallied up" into one full length
collaboration of all my animations since my old days to my "Brilliant new animation style.."...
Ok, its not brilliant, but its definitely 2 times better than my ultimate Parkour...

Well, Tokyo rush is in halt, and so is my game, Im trying to catch up on my animation skills before I continue...
My next thing on newgrounds will be in one or two months... hehe....


Tokyo Rush

2009-02-20 18:46:20 by Gamerblade

Probably will be the name..
But its basically both fighting and free running put into an animation,
It'll be done in probably a month or two...
And im still working on an AWESOME game engine ^__^
Enough talk, here's a picture!

Tokyo Rush

Another Game on the way???

2008-12-09 22:56:48 by Gamerblade

Wow, ive been busy with these games lately... but this ones definitely gonna be made... its acceleration,platformer, stick figure, some might think its bad but... meh ^_^ youll have to wait and see:

Engine Features:
-Basic Platforming
-Rotate on slopes
-Wall jumping
-Cliff Hanging

Dark Sonic Unleashed

2008-07-28 15:59:18 by Gamerblade

This game will be released sometime around 2009 february or my birthday which is will be very detailed and actionpacked...and in hopes it wont be over 10MB like my first game that isnt near as good as my current engine ^_^