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"RHG Battle: The Game" In the works..

2009-07-08 03:44:22 by Gamerblade

Alright, finally.. everything's set, just a few more things and the game engine will be done..
So we've been working on the game lately, its slowly become popular over Fluidanims.. People keep looking at it and saying "Wow, this shiz it epic.." Hah... To be honest, its working out wonderfully..

About Power Of Three.. Me, Lukas, and Nal are worked on a really cool game soon to be released, not gonna tell you that until a few more posts though, for now, its a secret...

Still no pictures yet, but the next post will..


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2009-11-17 00:58:32

you are quite talented


2010-01-11 16:28:08

I'm kirsop450 from youtube can't wait till the game arives.


2010-08-14 08:52:09

What are you doing??¡¡¡ i waited this game for soooo long time , and now , in 2010 , you cant end it, your post is from 2009 , a year pass and u cant finish , you say that is nearly finished , pass a year is not finished , EXPLAIN IT


2011-01-19 03:07:21

What players are you going to have? I'm thinking FLLFFL, Chuck, Yoyo, and Andre have to be included no doubt... But who else?


2011-02-09 08:18:47



2011-04-05 17:04:27


This account was cracked in by a friend and can't be used anymore cause he forgot the password..

HERE you go :D